Results of clinical examinations and long-run practical application of the Device indicate that it is a highly efficacious remedy against the diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Regular exercises normalize metabolism, enhance reserve capabilities of the body and have an anti-aging effect.

Studies in children with bronchial asthma and vegetative-vascular dystonia at Roszdrav clinics have shown that the Device has a positive effect not only on ventilation and gas metabolism, but also on the immune system and the functioning of the vegetative nervous system.

As a result of regular respiratory trainings with Frolov’s device functions of different organs and systems are gradually improved:
  • Bronchial conductance, normal ventilation and gas metabolism are recovered.
  • Short breath, coughing and asphyxia disappear, medication intake by patients with chronic respiratory disorders decreases by 60% — 80%.
  • Blood supply to myocardium and brain and the condition of capillary blood circulation gets back to normal.
  • Blood, lymph and spinal fluid circulation improve significantly.
  • Indicators of electrocardiogram, cardiointervalography, renovasography, blood pressure and pulse improve.
  • The condition of the nervous system improves and its tonus normalizes.
  • Regulatory capabilities of the body nervous and humoral systems recover, the amount of oxygen available in the blood rises, hypoxia disappears.
  • Psycho-emotional state improves (mood and work capacity get elevated, sleep gets back to normal and irritability lowers).
  • Cell metabolism and general metabolism improve.
  • Dynamics of humoral immunity becomes positive.
  • Misbalance of serum antibodies and indicators of peripheral blood decrease, local immunity gets back to normal.
  • Adaptive capabilities of the body increase.
  • Aging processes slow down.