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The Frolov's respiration training device as a new type
of breathing exercises

Author: Zinatullin S.N.

For the past many hundreds of years our view of the world has undergone considerable changes. The Books on history and medicine teem with information reflecting an unyielding concern of humankind for breathing, this tantalizing miracle of being, an indiscernible "thread of life". In accord with the level of knowledge various breathing ideas and theories were brewing in schools of science and philosophy, peculiar methods of breathing exercised were taking effect.

Evolutionary fundamentals of lungs and the body tissues and systems interaction

Author: N.I. Tsirelnikov

Breathing is the most significant limiting factor in the life of mammals, since for a long evolution period higher organisms have in principle lost the ability to deposit oxygen. Mammals can do without food for quite a while - about 30-45 days, without water - 2-3 days, as for oxygen, without it irreversible alterations in the cerebrium cells set in already in 4-5 minutes. Oxygen began to form on the Earth about 2 billion years ago and the first creatures, primitive life forms were anaerobes, at that, i.e. they lived in an oxygen-free medium. It is believed that mitochondria that are responsible for energy supply of the modern cells represented, as it were, a separate living structure, which was symbiotically assimilated by cellular life forms, undergoing evolution at the time. The higher on the evolution scale a particular species stood, the more it was dependent on oxygen content in the environment, the further it was losing the ability to survive at lowered oxygen percentage. Moreover, the survivors were those life forms that quicker and more efficiently learned to utilize oxygen. Only at the embryonic stage of development have mammals retained a relative resistance to a lowered oxygen percentages.

Physiological Grounds of Breathing Regulation

Author: S.G. Krivoshchekov

Key role in the regulation of gas transportation system functioning is performed by respiratory system, consisting of the system of peripheral afferent sensors (chemoreceptors, medullar receptors), the central chain (respiratory neurons in medulla oblongata) and efferent chains in the pulmonary and vascular system.

Combined effect of additional resistance to breathing, hypoxia and hypercapnia on the female organism

Authors: Kovtun L., Krivoshchekov S.

The aim of the investigation at hand was to determine changes in some functional parameters of cardiopulmonary system, occurring as a result of a combined effect of an additional resistance to breathing, hypoxia and hypercapnia in the course of breathing through the Frolov's respiration training device.





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